"Hey Gwen, I cannot even tell you how much we love the pictures! I love the whole day experience, right from the start all the way to the end. Just love! Thank you so so much."
- Carol + Mike

"We looked through them this evening together, multiple times! You captured our day so perfectly and it is so incredible reliving it through these photos. We absolutely love them. Thanks Gwen. I sent the link to our guests and everyone is raving about the photos and how well you captured the vibe."
- Ulrike + Will

"Thank you Gwen!! The wedding photos are amazing!! We love them. Everything we had hoped for and more!"
- Eryn + Ric

"You are AMAZING, Gwen! These photos blew our minds. They are sooo beautiful. Thank you so very much!! I have no idea which ones to frame. Thanks so much for all your hard work!"
- Ronita + Alan

"I can't even begin to tell you how blown away I am by our photos!! You have done an absolutely incredible job of capturing our day from start to finish! Thank you so so much, we now have these amazing photos to cherish forever. It was like reliving the day when going through them :) you really did a spectacular job capturing all the special moments and expressions on people's faces. I love all the photos of everyone on the dance floor, there are some priceless shots! I can't wait to share them with everyone. Thank you again for everything, we so enjoyed having you as our photographer!"
- Tasha + Ryan

"Thanks so much Gwen! These photos are absolutely stunning!! I am so excited to share them with everyone, I am hardly even working at work today, haha.
You are an exceptional photographer and I can definitely tell the hard work you put into making these photos perfect. Thanks for all the work you put into these!"
- Rebeccah + Caleb

"Thank you so much Gwen! These photos are amazing! You truly did such an incredible job, we couldn't have asked for anything more."
- Dave + Janese

Hi Gwen.
We received our wedding photo cds from you yesterday and went through both the black and white and color shots. It was only two weeks ago since our ceremony. You brought us both to tears with the emotions you captured. We barely noticed you throughout the formal part. To us, that is one of the signs of a good photographer. We both take a lot of photos ourselves for work and family purposes so we have a definite desire for great photos. We have 3 cameras on the go constantly. Owning an art gallery together and with Marion ’s creative eye as an artist, our requirements were pretty high for the wedding shots. You not only exceeded our expectations, you set the bar very high. Thank you for your incredible performance behind the lens and on the computer. Much appreciated.
- Bobb and Marion

Thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart, I'm so happy with the photos!
- Nicole

These are great - thank you so much Gwen!
- Sarah

Hi Gwen,
Just wanted to let you know that we received the CDs and we love all the pictures! They're fantastic! Some of our favourites are from the day you came back to shoot us so we really appreciate you having done that. We really love them all - you so captured the day for us and we love not only the portraits of us, but all the candid shots. Thanks again!
- Heidi + Kyle

Our photos are amazing!! Thanks so much!
- Holly + Dale

Thanks so much for joining us in Mexico and doing such an amazing job on our photos. It is so great to have such amazing photos to remind of us of that day for the rest of our lives.
- Rob + Brianna

Gwen: You did an amazing job. I especially love how you captured the couple and their families and all the silly nuances that were them/us. You captured some great/rare moments. Holly and Dale are not your run-of-the-mill couple and you didn't try to change that - you went with it and tailored their wedding photos to them instead of trying to make it stuffy and perfect. I have recommended you and your photography to a friend of mine who is getting married. So nice to meet you and great work!
- Shawna [Maid of Honour]